Month: December 2014

There must be giants

Naturally, since witnessing this incident my new goal in life has been to play out a board of 7 giants. Why? Because common, this was awesome! As I’ve only spent a total of €45 on this game (while Day9 has spent over $500), I really treasure my golden, and have not done a very outstanding job at card grinding, I so far only have one kind of giant and it’s not the kind anyone recommends in a mage deck. You know, those sea giants. Slightly underestimated though I would say – but what do I know, I only have the one kind. You do what you can with what you have!


Today I can happily announce that I’ve successfully played out FOUR sea giants at once. And thinking about it, since I only have the one echo card so far, I can’t really reach my goal just yet.. But when I can and when I do, I will naturally add an equally joyful picture to my screenshot as the one from Day9s stream. That is a promise.

My opponent too left the game.

As this happened my cousin had successfully generated 10 molten giants into his deck.

Getting started with Cmder

A couple of years ago an at that time colleague pointed me in the direction of a tool called Cygwin. “It’s great”, he said. “You can run Linux commands with it”. I smiled and nodded politely while honestly having no intentions what so ever of installing it. I had pretty much not used any Linux commands since I completed the Linux course at my high school, almost 10 years ago, and I had my faithful group of allies that would preach to my choir with “why on earth would we use commands when we have graphical interfaces?”-arguments.


Pretty recently though another colleague – the legendary Sudo Kunudu as I call him, but who’s more widely known by the name of Urban in the human world, showed me this commander conveniently called cmder. “It seem pretty cool”, he said. “You can run Linux commands with it”. So I smiled and I nodded, still quite politely but not nearly as ignorantly – no, when Sudo Kunudu speaks, I listen. And also, when a commander come with such a convenient name and a logo that looks like the half life logo (or lambda), giving it a childishly nerdy look, you make an effort. You do.

Since there was quite a big interest in this tool I’m using at my office recently, and since this one has successfully converted even me, I thought I’d share. So here are a few useful things gathered.

The gifs were called for.

1. Get Cmder

First things first. Go get it – the full one. All of it.

2. Set up those tabs

Eventually you get tired of cd-ing to the locations you’re constantly doing stuff at, so you might as well configure Cmder to open them up for you in tabs right away.

In Cmder:

  1. Click Win+Alt+P and go to Startup -> Tasks.
  2. Click on {cmd} in the list.
  3. Replace the command in the big window lines like this.
    cmd /k RenameTab "tab name" & "%ConEmuDir%\..\init.bat" -new_console:d:C:\my path

3. Integrate Sublime

With three simple steps provided in this blog post you find here, which was presented to me by a colleague, you can add Sublime to your Cmder. Now what should you even use Notepad++ for?

4. Curl ack

“Curl it, so you can ack instead of grep”.

You can read about ack here, then either install using chocolate or follow these steps to get it up and running on a Windows machine:

  1. Cd to your cmder/bin folder.
  2. Curl ack by typing
    curl > ack & chmod 0755 !#:3
  3. Type touch ack.bat to add the file in the folder.
  4. Assuming you did install sublime, type subl ack.bin
  5. Add the following lines to the file:
    @echo off
    perl %~dp0ack %*

5. ssh with style

PuTTY, who needs it? Cmder apparently also does this. You don’t even need to add anything.

So, what u waiting for?

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