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There must be giants

Naturally, since witnessing this incident my new goal in life has been to play out a board of 7 giants. Why? Because common, this was awesome! As I’ve only spent a total of €45 on this game (while Day9 has spent over $500), I really treasure my golden, and have not done a very outstanding job at card grinding, I so far only have one kind of giant and it’s not the kind anyone recommends in a mage deck. You know, those sea giants. Slightly underestimated though I would say – but what do I know, I only have the one kind. You do what you can with what you have!


Today I can happily announce that I’ve successfully played out FOUR sea giants at once. And thinking about it, since I only have the one echo card so far, I can’t really reach my goal just yet.. But when I can and when I do, I will naturally add an equally joyful picture to my screenshot as the one from Day9s stream. That is a promise.

My opponent too left the game.

As this happened my cousin had successfully generated 10 molten giants into his deck.

My hunter deck – Revealed

I’m often asked about my deck; by friends, or even people who’ve just played me and then add me to say things like this (and then ask about my deck):


I always respond that hey, I haven’t even been able to pass rank 7, so what you really want to do is to look at hunter decks online that has been played by people who’ve managed to reach legendary ranking, like Trump or Hafu(? close anyway), or atleast rank 3 or something like my favourite, Day9. But then people keep asking me about my deck and also admire my rank even though it’s not that cool, so hey. Maybe I should just share it anyways, hm? I mean I do love my deck like no other, so why not? I don’t even like the decks that I’ve read have taken people to legendary rank, they’re so unpersonal and most of the time so unhuntery.

But before I start, I just want to share these really flattering messages as well


Which mostly had me thinking “dude, you’ve mixed me up with someone else”, but still had me laughing for hours and feel all awesome!

So where were we.. Yes, my deck. Ma’ deck..! People like to ask me; “Is this an aggro deck? Is this a beast synergy deck?” No, it’s my deck. I didn’t even know we called decks by different names until I started getting these questions. Then I’d google and be like; “well, kind of beast synergy maybe, but not so much”. I don’t like studying other’s decks outside of the game, I learn new tricks by playing with others and I prefer to try and be a little original. There’s probably decks out there like mine with names, but I haven’t looked at them. I call mine my Legacy deck, sometimes I try new things but I always come back to it. It’s the deck that have taken me to rank 7 both times. Although, remember that I sometimes change the cards in it, but it’s usually the same cards that go in and out. Don’t worry, I’ll go over the options that can be done without ruining the magic.

A thing I would recommend doing before, or in the middle of, playing this deck though, is to play the deck Day9 presents as Copout Huntah-deck. At least I can find myself focusing a little too much on clearing out threatful minions, so much I forget that if I’d just focused on the enemy hero, I would’ve killed it this round. I’ve lost many times making this mistake, so that is a deck that I play to get back the go for the throat-mentality that you need to keep in mind.

So let us begin..




Not much so say here, except I haven’t built my deck to kill as fast as possible (aggro), or to be as strong as possible (beast synergy), I’ve built my deck to have as much fun playing with it as possible. There are some nice tricks in there! So it’s mostly just a bonus that it takes me to rank 7. Of course I would love to get to legendary rank, but I wouldn’t want to get there with any other deck than this one or something like it, I don’t want no god damn generic, boring aggro deck! I welcome any advice on how to get to legendary with this deck or with minor modifications to it, but if you ask me to switch to aggro deck, I say no thanks. I am a woman with principles.

So how did I get some of these cards, did I play forever or did I buy some packs? I played a while without paying anything, and I was lucky to get King Krush and Deathwing as my two first legendaries, but eventually I payed up some. I thought it was only fair to pay what a normal game costs today for this amazing game, so yes; I did buy the forty card packs-pack. I didn’t get all the cards I needed from doing so, but I got a lot of extras to disenchant so I then could build the cards I thought looked interesting. I only ever disenchant extra cards though. I also played a lot of Arena to get more cards to either disenchant or play.

Traps (secrets)

Lets start off by discussing the traps – my favourite topic. As you can see I have seven of them; 2x explosive trap, 1x freezing trap, and 2x misdirection and 2x snake trap. People sometimes also add me to say that they couldn’t guess at all what trap I had up there. I understand completely.

Explosive trap I would say is very important to have. At least when you’re up against other classes that like putting a lot of minions out there which have 1 or 2 in hp, like Warlocks with their murlocks, or other hunters (especially those who play aggro decks). It can clear up the table quite nicely.. Unless the damn warlock plays out that dumbass murlock that give all the other murlocks plus in hp. Of course, it also gives plus in attack, so it ends up being quite painful. But most often than not it helps to have this.

Freezing trap, not so much. This one did not go into my deck for a long while, but it has proven itself enough useful for me so I guess it’ll stick around for a while. It’s good when your opponent is playing high mana cards. A minion struck by this goes back to opponents hand and will cost two more mana to play out than it originally cost. Either it can postpone the attack for a couple of rounds, which can be quite nice, or it can even make a card unplayable. Imagine my level of satisfaction when an opponent copy, or even worse; steal my King Krush and then try to wack it in my face, but it’s thrown back into the opponents hand costing one mana more than you can ever afford. Awh yeah, it’ve actually happened alot because dude, if there’s anything I’m good at, it’s how to play my traps, k?

Misdirection is just lovely. So lovely! So many times have I faced people that think they’re about to win, so they’ll put “well played” out there just before they attack my face, and then what happens? They miss of course and hit my 8/8 or their own 10/6 or whatever. And die! Then I say “That didn’t quite hit the mark” and can only imagine their frustration as they explode. Hey, they should just hear how cocky it sounds when I say that frase out loud.

Snake trap. Good old Snake trap. Optimally, this should of course be triggered when Starving Buzzard and/or Knife juggler is on your side of the table. With this beautiful trick, knife juggler often (maybe it’s all my luck) kill the minion that’s attacking either one of these two, so now all your minions are still intact plus you have three more 1/1 while your opponent just lost his minion. Nice, hm? Snake trap can be nice to have out there even though you haven’t managed to play out these two beautiful cards. Like you have a minion with taunt, and the opponent have a bunch of bad minions out there you’d like to get rid off.. And hey, you might have Scavenging Hyena and Timber Wolf in your hand to play out when it’s your turn and the snakes are still there. Not so bad, I would say. Not bad at all.

So what about Snipe? Why have I skipped them? Well. Sometimes I bring them back, but I’ve found that they don’t really do that much for me. Sure, it’s nice to see it get rid of that somewhat big, bad minion for you, or making the minions hp easier to deal with, but like I said. It’s not doing enough for me.

Having so many secrets, I would like to mention the Secret Keeper card, which grows stronger with each secret you play. As this counts as a fun-to-play-card to me, she used to be in my deck, but I hardly ever got to attack with her before my opponent had killed her. I did though most often play this card early on in the game, so maybe if played later on, and if there are still a bunch of secrets left in the deck, she might be more useful. But I don’t think I will be trying that again atleast in a while.

Stacking traps

In the beginning, I didn’t even know one could stack traps. But then I tried it, and it worked. As a hunter, there are a few things to concider before stacking traps though.


The traps will be triggered in the order they’ve been added.

If you for example put up one Misdirection trap, one freezing trap and one explosion trap in this order, this will happen; Misdirection will be triggered, target will change, but the traps will continue to be triggered one by one. So the minion might have switched target, but now freezing trap was triggered so the card got pushed back into the opponents hand. Already here misdirection was wasted. Then Explosive trap was triggered, but if that was the only minion the opponent had out on the table, that was kind of pointless, wasn’t it?

I think the same goes if you switch place of freezing trap and misdirection, all traps will be triggered or at least the explosion trap will. So don’t put both misdirection and freezing trap up there on the same time. If you ask me, that is a bug, or a design flaw – but as it hasn’t been changed yet I guess Blizzard don’t agree with me. If the target has been redirected from the hero (misdirection), I think the proper behaviour would be for the traps to stop being triggered. Same goes for Freezing trap, if the target goes back into the players hand, the attack should stop, but it doesn’t. If, however, you put the explosion trap on the top and that kills the attacking minion, the attack will stop and the rest of your traps are still there. That’s why my favourite trap combo is explosive trap first, then misdirection; because then explosive trap destroys all the puny minions so the opponent has to attack with the bigger one, and as all the little ones now are dead it will hit him right back in the face and it will hurt. Badly. And I will laugh. Oh, I will laugh.

Another good combination is Snake trap and Misdirection. So if the opponent just refuses to attack your minions so snake trap is triggered, you’ll almost force him or her. Which of course means that knife juggler will go crazy and that starving buzzard will just keep ’em coming, if you’ve played your cards right! Litterally.

Weapons and Defense

It’s shown quite handy to have a couple of hunter weapons to equip. About a week ago I had 2x Eaglehorn Bow and 1x Gladiator’s Longbow. I found myself always having too many weapons in my hand though, as the first one would keep getting higher duration due to all my traps, so as you can see I removed one Eaglehorn bow and feel it’s a little better balanced now. Guess that’s all I have to say about weapons really.

In the first decks I made, I overdid defence heavily. I would have a bunch of things in my hand to kill opponents minions with but no minions to kill because I’d already killed them.. And nothing to attack with. So in the end, I only kept 1x Arcane shot, 1x Deadly shot, and 1x Explosive shot. Plus, the traps help with defense. I find this being just enough to keep taunts out of my way and sometimes save me when there are too many threatful minions attacking me. I also have 2x Kill Commands, which preferably is used for attacking the hero rather than defense, but sometimes you’ve got to do what you’ve got to do.


As you can see I have 2x Timber Wolfs, 1x Ironbreak Owl, 1x Knife juggler, 1x Scavenging Hyena, 2x Starving Buzzard, 1x Wild pyromancer, 2x Animal Companion, 2x Unleash the hounds, 1x Tundra Rhino, 2x Savannah Highmane, and 1x King Krush.

Timber Wolf gives your other beasts +1 in attack, so it’s nice to have when you’ve gotten your snakes or a bunch of hounds out there. Sometimes when my opponent block me with taunts, it’s also nice to use this cheap one to put out there only to attack the opponent with two kill commands which will hopefully kill it at that point.

Ironbreak Owl is another card that entered my deck quite late, but which has been very useful. Like I’ve said before, you’ll want to keep taunts out of your way and this is where this owl comes very well in hand. I would probably be wise to make room for another one. A mage recently also made the mistake of freezing one of my minions, then silencing it which taught me that neat trick. Mage’s freezing my King Krush, be ware!

I’ve already mentioned Knife Juggler and Starving Buzzard, which aren’t just useful in combination with snake traps, but will have the same effect with Unleash the hounds. Having Savannah Highmane out there together with these cards is quite nice too. If it dies and the hyenas are spawned, you’ll get cards and knifes for them as well!

Scavenging Hyena has also been mentioned, best boosted by killing of the snakes and hounds. It might take some practice to get the most use of it and not have it being killed before you can take advantage of it’s benefits, so be patient. I took it out for a while because I couldn’t protect it, but now it’s serving it’s purpose most of the time.

Animal Companion with it’s randomness puts some extra spice into the game. What will it be, a boost, a charge, or a taunt? As you can see it’s my only chance of getting any taunt in my deck, so.. Cross your fingers! 😉

Wild Pyromancer have also helped me get out of some tough situations. Just don’t forget that it’s there, and for the love of everything, don’t play Unleash the hounds while you have this one on the table, and don’t play any other spells when you have minions with one in hp there. Animal Companion, Release the hounds and your secrets will trigger this maniac, so watch out. Silencing through Ironbreak Owl doesn’t, and I’m not completely sure but I think that Knife Juggler and Starving Buzzard however does trigger it.

Tundra Rhino is a minion that goes in and out of my deck. I’m not sure I have enough none-charging beasts in my deck for it to actually be useful, plus opponents understand the threat and like to kill it off asap. But if it’s there til the next round when you can afford to put out Savannah Highmane.. Yeah, you know what I’m saying. Either you do that damage right away, or you attack with it so hard it dies and then you can attack right away with the hyenas as well! It can be quite worth it. Also think of what you can do if you have a board full of hounds and snakes, and you can afford both the Tundra Rhino and Scavenging Hyena, think of the blood bath!

King Krush doesn’t really need an introduction, does he? He just comes in and attacks, hard. I don’t usually get to keep him more than one round, but usually it’s worth it.

As you can see, I’ve left Houndmaster out of my deck this time. I haven’t had that much of use for it lately, but it’s very likely to make a comeback.

A card I also use is of course Leeroy Jenkins, he’s the latest addition to the deck. I just realised I don’t have him in there right now though! But he’ll be back. By spawning those whelps on the other side, he’s good to play in combination of Unleash the hounds.

Final words

As I’ve reached both level 60 and golden hero with my hunter, I should start to focus on a different hero. After writing this though, it hurts my heart to put my hunter aside.. But it’s the wise thing to do. Playing the other classes will teach me more about their strenghts and weaknesses.. Atleast that’s what I tell myself. And I trust Blizzard will give me new goals to achieve and new reasons to play my hunter again.

To you, my beloved hunter, I want to dedicate this song. I almost start crying now, I wish I could just stay at home and play with you all day and that we could reach Legendary rank together.. See you soon I hope.

Avril Lavigne – Goodbye

500 hunter wins


Before 500

Reaching 500

Reaching 500


After (Noticed how I have fewer stars? Might have lost some in between the screenshots..)

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