For a really long time I’ve been thinking about starting to blog again, and I’ve thought several times of different posts I want to write – but since I haven’t done a serious approach in such a long time I’ve for some reason felt I need to make a general coming-back-note here to announce my great comeback before I go on a posting-spree.. One that for all we know, because we know me, might not even occur. To stop trying is not something I’m known for though.

The reason I want to start writing again is partially that I have so many thoughts in my head, and writing them down help me to organize them and get them out of my system so I can move further or forward in my thought process. Another big reason is that I need to exercise my writing skills. As I’ve mentioned (bragged about) before, my language teachers in school were always convinced I would become a writer one day – and although that was not my goal I’ve always dreamed of writing a book. You know, not the “factual” kind that all other bloggers and vloggers are writing these days – the fictional kind! I do however feel that years of not-writing-that-much takes it’s toll on my writing skills, so if I’m going to achieve that goal some day I need to get “back in business”. Another complicated issue about this is however that it is when I write in Swedish I tend to excel; so this is probably the language I should write the original copy in (then it will be translated into a lot of languages because it’s going to be that good, of course). Those skills are not exactly going to be exercised by me writing in English, but on the same time I prefer to write my posts in English so it’s a complicated circle. I guess writing in some language is better than not writing at all, so I will just go with this. Hey, maybe I should just write in Icelandic, what a disaster that would be!

It’s also a good time for a blog-start-over as I’m heading into a new chapter of my life. Sure, it was almost a year ago now that I changed job and moved to Iceland, and I’ve been single for pretty much half a year by now I think.. Which on a side-note means I’m about to crush the record for how long I’ve been continuously single since my first relationship (we’re talking about nearly a whole decade here). Now I’ve recently bought an apartment though that I’ll be moving into in less than a week, meaning I can finally fully embrace my new lifestyle as a solo, childless and abnormal individual!

So what, oh what will I be writing about this time, you might wonder? Do I have a theme this time, like a proper blogger? No. No, I only ever write for myself, about whatever interests me, and if that is of interest for you to read you are simply just welcome to do so. More than welcome, in fact! Here are some hints about what might come up though:

Nonverbal communication. This is one of my main thought topics at this point. I’ve even read a whole book about it, and is about half way through another one! Those who know me know that I’m not normally reading whole books, I’m too easily distracted – so this says a bit about my dedication here. I’ve also watched several videos on YouTube on the topic and have seen the TV-show Lie to me, which obviously makes me a pro! While normal people study it to gain understanding of how to read others, I mostly study it further as I know my nonverbal communication can speak volumes, so I would probably benefit from understanding how I can express myself more clearly, and especially how to express myself in a less aggressive way when I feel other people’s nonverbal ways are invading my personal space. I know, it sounds insane – but it has almost ruined friendships. Literally.

Personality development, in lack of a better word (but, it sounds quite fancy, doesn’t it?). I feel I’ve pretty much gone from being a horrible, really black-and-white person that need to put people’s personalities in different categories, even worse preferably with a rating of how well they fit under different personality disorders, to being someone that doesn’t strife to define or judge neither myself or others at all anymore. The most complicated thing about it is how simple it really is. I thought somehow being so black-and-white with strict goody-two-shoes moral and a good tormenting anxiety session each time I did or said the smallest thing that could possibly offend anyone would make life simple and prevent complicated situations, I didn’t expect that letting all of that go would be so freeing. No matter how obvious it sounds, putting it into words like that! Anyhow, I think we are pretty close to a version 3.0 of me now (hey, is that a coincidence as we are pretty close to my 30th year too?), folks, and I might want to talk about that.

Hearthstone and other games. I should really stop playing since I’m not getting any better at that, but it is such an entertaining way of killing time it’s hard to stay away. I’ll most likely continue playing and post meaningless posts about it, as you can see in my older posts I’ve done before. And some day I might be ready for some heavier games again, it has been a while since I had the motivation for that. But you know, it might just mean another Dragon Age 1, 2 and 3 rerun.

Hobby projects. I’ve got this project on hold that I need to get back into again. We all know what it’s like, but this project is going. to be. completed. I won’t say more about the project until it’s almost done, but it’s going to get there. And then there will be other projects that are going to be started and completed as well, that I will post about.

Vlogs and other videos. I often find some good vlog sketches on YouTube that I like and want to write about, but then don’t because I know no one of facebook give a damn anyway. Now this is my space folks, and I do what I like here. Who knows, maybe I’ll even do one myself – something we all know I’ve wanted to do for a decade but haven’t been successful at due to my fear of talking in front of cameras. The two don’t mix at all.

Current hobbies. I got a really good sewing machine four years ago, the only thing I have sewed so far is however pretty much just headbands for my team mates in a competition at work. I am however convinced that when I get started at this, I will do outstandingly well – like I always think when I get creative ideas for things like that but then realize I might not be the best at.. Projects you do with your hands. I might also develop some new hobbies that I want to share, like hiking, and we’ll see what else. When I’ve just moved in and got my new home setup I’ll probably share some pictures of that too and call it fancy home decorating.

That’s all I can think of right now. If you, my two loyal readers (you know who you are ;)) or anyone else have any suggestions or requests I’m happy to hear them.