Naturally, since witnessing this incident my new goal in life has been to play out a board of 7 giants. Why? Because common, this was awesome! As I’ve only spent a total of €45 on this game (while Day9 has spent over $500), I really treasure my golden, and have not done a very outstanding job at card grinding, I so far only have one kind of giant and it’s not the kind anyone recommends in a mage deck. You know, those sea giants. Slightly underestimated though I would say – but what do I know, I only have the one kind. You do what you can with what you have!


Today I can happily announce that I’ve successfully played out FOUR sea giants at once. And thinking about it, since I only have the one echo card so far, I can’t really reach my goal just yet.. But when I can and when I do, I will naturally add an equally joyful picture to my screenshot as the one from Day9s stream. That is a promise.

My opponent too left the game.

As this happened my cousin had successfully generated 10 molten giants into his deck.